Project Credits

Construction Supervision: John Gillis Masonry: Monadnock Construction Garden Design: Cynthia Gillis

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View of the private Pumphouse Mews (private walk) for entry to all the townhouse apartments. (Showing garden designer Cynthia Gillis)
New Pumphouse Mews entrance gate and the Mews beyond
View of living room of one apartment looking from mezzanine above, in North townhouse
Spanish rustic brick fireplace structure in North townhouse
Detail of original stone carved signage of the Pumphouse
Original state of Water Pumping Station after purchase from the City of New York. Large concrete pads supported giant water pumps that took water from the East River. (Note that where small office stucture is shown in rear corresponds to the view of the brick fireplace in the first group of photos -- to help understand the radical transformation inside.)
Original state of the decrepit facade on Joralemon Street
Original state of the corner of the facade where the Mews entrance was created
View from living room up to library, showing the lighted display system in the living room
Library of North townhouse
Model showing corner entrance to the Mews
Model showing the new street façade
Model showing newly created Mews side of the building
Model plan of lower three townhouses
Model plan of upper three townhouses
Living room of North upper townhouse