John Gillis has been in practice for over three decades, involved in hundreds of residential, commercial, educational and institutional projects. He has had roles of architect, interior designer, furniture designer, cabinet designer, lighting designer, construction manager, and developer, in various combinations on different projects.
His design method stresses integration of structure, dramatic form, light and space, and innovative construction techniques. These are the hallmarks of his Realist and Romanticist approach to architecture and to all design.

University training 1965-70:

Illinois Institute of Technology
Taliesin – Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
University of Illinois, Chicago Campus

University teaching 1989-2002, Architecture and Esthetics:

Adjunct Professor, New York University, Restaurant & Food Service Design
Visiting Lecturer at Summer Seminars at Oberlin College, University of Wisconsin, University of Vermont & University of Pittsburgh.
Leader, Colloquium on esthetics sponsored by an Objectivist Studies group, NYC