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(2003 Postscript: this space still has not achieved its potential, since the space intended for a large indoor cafe has never found a tenant; but the climbing wall and an occasionally-open small cafe provides great benefits compared to this atrium's former forlorn existence.) (2013 Postscript: the lease of the climbing wall operator ended and the space has become largely empty. It has been taken over by Lincoln Center (which is across the street). They have proceeded to rip out the architecture seen here and prepare the space for use that will be populated by the musical/performance venues of Lincoln Center. Hopefully that dedicated use will better make use of this space.)

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Broadway Entrance at night, with gates open
Broadway Entrance daytime, with gates open
Custom night gates and 3D wall pattern behind
Detail of Gates
Interior view of new main space
Interior view looking toward climbing wall area
Detail of plaster 3D wall surfaces
Performance space movable platform (recital stage)
Wall detail with custom heat enclosure at bottom